Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute (Etidi)


The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has been working diligently to realize a developed and prosperous Ethiopia through its Agricultural Development Led Industrialization Economic policy. Apart from formulating the policy, the Government has also designed various strategies meant to implement the policy. One of the strategies which come at fore front is the Industrial Development Strategy which gives much attention to the textile industry among others. It is obvious that Ethiopia is naturally endowed with rich resources and hard work and trainable youth population favorable for textile industry development. To take advantage of the favorable conditions and utilize the potentials in the sector, the Government of FDRE has undertaken various measures geared towards scaling up the textile industry of the country to where other developed countries reached.

The urge for giving much emphasis to the textile sector stemmed from the country's potential for cotton plantation, dependable power supply and easily trainable labour forces, political stability, proximity to major markets and favorable climate which makes Ethiopia the number one choice for investors aspire to be successful in the textile industry. The fact that the sector is capital saving and labor intensive would contribute a lot towards reducing unemployment by creating job opportunities for a number of citizens which in turn boost up the economy of the country.

Because clothes are necessities for human beings, as food and shelter, the demand for them is never ending. It is obvious that the ever increasing demand for clothes with a complex design and fashion orientation all over the world magnifies the need for working towards an efficient textile industry in the country. In order to accelerate the economic growth of Ethiopia through the export led industrial development strategy, the textile sector should play a considerable role. Cognizant of the comparative advantage and potential of the country for the development of textile industry, the Government of FDRE has given due attention for the industry which virtually led to the establishment of Textile Industry Development Institute (ETIDI).

The Institute is one of the catalysts towards achieving the textile industry sub-sector's goals set by the Government in its Five Years Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). The plan eyes on generating 1 billion US dollars from export of textile products by the end of 2015 which would be a leap from 23.2 million US dollars registered in 2010. A more concerted effort of all stakeholders backed by the necessary investment promotion, communication and public relation activity among other things would ultimately be paramount important to meet up the goals.

This Funding Proposal focuses mainly on building the capacity of the corporate communication, public relation and investment promotion activities of TIDI in congruence with Industrial Development Strategy and GTP. The proposal comprises of eleven sections. The first section is all about background information. The second sections deals with statement of the problem and the third, importance of the funding proposal. Section four treats statement of expected results. Section five discusses the focus population. Section six focus on description of activities. Sections seven spotlight on management of the project. Section eight treats the monitoring and evaluation of the project. The remaining sections discuss human resource requirement, time line of activities and budget for the project.

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